The Determinator Solution

for calculating Minimum Required and SOSEPP Distributions

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"This product of the outstanding brain of Guerdon Ely, the financial planner and math whiz, is designed to do all MRD calculations as well as projections comparing possible distribution scenarios. MRD-Determinator provides more help than other programs in understanding the rules applicable in a particular case. It is geared toward compliance and investment advice."

Life and Death Planning for Retirement Accounts: 5th edition, 2003 revised

Natalie B. Choate

"This company offers a program called MRD-Determinator developed by IRA genius Guerdon Ely. It can do all the RMD calculations and 72(t) distributions."

The Retirement Time Bomb... and How to Defuse It, 2003

Ed Slott

The Determinator Suite Solution

Successfully tap the multi-trillion dollar retirement asset management market with the Determinator Suite. The Suite's software and help tools enable planners to take advantage of new retirement distribution planning opportunities while averting the pitfalls. The Solution includes:

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